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    Driver-Assist Tech on Deck:

    Dr. Cehelnik Introduces "Swim Tracker" Video Training Tool

    Published, Feb 5, 2021

    Dr. Cehelnik's Swim-Dynamics project is using Driver-Assist Video Technology to instruct and develop swimmer's performance. Currently, Cehelnik Swim-Dynamics is developing and testing new patent pending technology called "Swim Tracker(TM)". The Swim Tracker software can assist pool-managers, lifeguards, coaches, and athletes by tracking swimmers during pool sessions and workouts.

    The Swim-Coach version merges coach workouts with swimmer tracking to provide swim-time logs and send-off prompts. Swimmer's times and length count are shown by lane and swimmer-order on deck video displays and mobile devices. A pace clock and count-down indicator is provided for send-offs.

    Coaches can restart sets and modify sendoffs intervals by lane number using a mobile device. Data downloads from workouts are available for review by coaches and swimmers through the STS website.

    The Swim Tracker project protects athletes by adhering to USA Swimming guidelines of no photography from behind the starting blocks. Swim Tracker implements stand-off distance requirements for video photography, adjustable frame rates, and implements blurring to reduce the resolution of the video during processing. Anyone uploading video to Swim Tracker certifies they authorize the content and are legally responsible and accept the terms and conditions for uploading video.

    Future Swim-Coach releases will include feature detection such as stroke counting, stroke identification, breakouts distance, breathing patterns, swimmer dynamic data. Pool-Monitoring, and Personal-Training versions of Swim Tracker are anticipated. As Swim tracker matures, it will be useful to develop mobile apps that preprocess video captures prior to uploading.

    We are seeking volunteer support from USA swimming and Southern CA swimming coaches and officials. We need their help to run test trials during practices and meets. Donations are appreciated such as pool time, swim videos (meet races, and group practices) for algorithm development, deck video display & computer equipment. Contributors will receive the first Swim Tracker subscriptions for free for 1 year.

    Please contact Thomas Cehelnik by text at 408-338-5125 if you are interested in helping get Swim Tracker out to the swimming community. Note: The Swim-Tracker project is an independent effort and is not endorsed by USA Swimming or Southern California Swimming.

    STEM from Class Room To Pool: STS Offers Customized Web-based Training Tools

    Published, Jan 5, 2020
    CompetitionPool STEM

    Dr. Cehelnik of Orange County CA is launching STS, a new web-platform for Swim Coaches and Swimmers. The STS platform gives a means for coaches to apply their innovative coaching techniques to their swimmers. It allows swimmers to login and user their training tools created by their coaches. Coaches and swimmers have instant access to their target training times and goals. Dr. Cehelnik creates coaching technology and provides IP services enabling coaches to create and protect their coaching methods & tools.